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Armstrong Truck & Trailer Repair
2700 Gilchrist Road
Akron, Ohio 44305
Phone: 330-798-1250
Fax: 330-564-0020
Gilchrist Truck Parts

Phone: 330-798-4125
Fax: 330-798-4124

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Service Calls
Service CallsAt Armstrong Truck & Trailer Repair, Our company has three road service vehicles available to help you, making us able to handle multiple road calls at one time. We also provide services to fleet customers.  There are no overtime charges during our normal business hours Mon-Fri 5am-6pm.

For road service and shop services, there are the charges:  Shop Trailer/$76.00, Shop Truck/$86.00, Road/$96.00 port to port. There is a $2 per mile charge for every mile after the first 50 miles.

Contact us today for more information or to request service. Our number is 330-798-1250.